Cashback Promotions for WHMCS

Cashback Promotions let you create amazing cashback offers for the customers to get money automatically added to their account credit after their invoices are paid.


This module is a unique way to engage and encourage customers to purchase more. Give your customer a reason to come back and make the order. 

€39.00  €29.00 EUR/Year

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Features Spotlight

Flexible Rules

You can define cashback rules for Products, Addons, and Domains.  A rule can include all or one of them.

For each rule, you can select desired cashback type (fixed amount, percentage), billing cycle, and invoice type (new order/renewal).

Prevent Coupon Conflict

If you want the client not to get a cashback if he uses a discount code, just select Prevent Coupon Conflict option. With this feature, your cashback promotion won’t conflict with your other marketing campaigns. This feature currently doesn’t support Addons. 

Cashback Delay & Reporting Section

If you offer a money-back guarantee and you want the cashback to be paid after the time of the money-back guarantee, just set the Apply Delay option.

Cashback Promotions uses the cron job to add cashback amounts to clients’ credit, the Logs section let you track the settled cashback and pending ones.



Yes, for more information please submit a ticket.

Cashback Promotions for WHMCS requires the Ioncube loader to be enabled on your host.

Cashback Promotions is compatible with WHMCS 8.x and above.




Please contact support regarding this and we will do our best to help you deploy the addon.




No, The addon is not open source. If you need the open source version please open support ticket.

With each purchase, a license is issued for you.