Quota Manager for WHMCS

Quota Manager helps you to notify, suspend or maybe terminate services when they exceed defined bandwidth or disk usage.


This module lets you define different rules for different products or a single product. Also, You can specify criteria for over or under the service's actual limits.

€29.00 EUR/Year




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Features Spotlight

Flexible Rule

You can define rules for your products based on disk or bandwidth usage. Each rule can be used for a different product or a single product.


You can also set an email notification when the limit is exceeded. In addition to notification, you can perform specific operations such as suspending, terminating, or adding to the to-do list.

Well Reporting System

Detected overage services and operations performed on the services are well logged and you can see their details. You can find out which services are detected, their action statuses and etc.

Usage statistics collected by WHMCS

Quota Manager uses usage statistics collected by WHMCS to identify service resource usage. Therefore, it is compatible with the user interface showing resource usage in the client area. Also, it does not require any additional process to collect usage data.



Yes, you can order the owned license including 1 year update & support. To order the license click here.

Ouota Manager for WHMCS requires the Ioncube loader to be enabled on your host.

Ouota Manager is compatible with WHMCS 8.x and above.

Please contact support regarding this and we will do our best to help you deploy the addon.




No, The addon is not open source. If you need the open source version please open support ticket.

With each purchase, a license is issued for you.