Ticket as Provisioner for WHMCS

This module acts as a provisioning module (server module) and lets you open a ticket when the core functions of a product are triggered. You can use this module to open a ticket automatically whenever product events occur. Events include creating, suspending, unsuspending, terminating products, renewing, and changing product packages.


This module is used useful for products/services that don't have any provisioning module for automatic setup and managing services like dedicated servers or colocation orders.

€19.00 EUR/Year




# Include Update & Support


Features Spotlight

Ticket Templates

You can create ticket templates and use them as product functions. The templates support multi-language, and you can set different departments for each template.


The templates are flexible; you can disable ticket emails and set the ticket status. Also, you can use various variables in your ticket subject and message.

Various Field Variables

In the template subjects and messages, you can enter merge field variables, which the system replaces with the user's data when it sends the ticket.

The merge fields in your message depending on what type of product you are sending. For example, if it's a ticket for an addon product, you could include addon details as well as client fields.

Flexible Settings

By using this module you easily create ticket templates and use them as different product functions.


The settings are completely at your disposal! You can choose the desired ticket template for each product and each function.

Multi-Language Support

You can translate the templates, and WHMCS will open tickets in the client language. The default subject and message are used if the client does not set any language.



Yes, you can order the owned license including 1 year update & support. To order the license click here.




Ticket as Provisioner for WHMCS requires the Ioncube loader to be enabled on your host.

Also Ticket campaigns is compatible with WHMCS 8.x and above.




Yes, the addon support TicketOpen and TicketOpenAdmin hooks.

Please contact support regarding this and we will do our best to help you deploy the addon.




No, The addon is not open source.

With each purchase, a license is issued for you.