Ticket Campaigns for WHMCS

Using Ticket Campaigns lets you send tickets to clients based on specific criteria. This addon can send tickets based on Client, Product/Service, Addon, and Domain criteria. Therefore, you can receive feedback from your users or send them notifications that users can respond to.


As many businesses clear their WHMCS email archives after a few years to reduce the size of the database, this addon can send important announcements to customers. So, in addition to sending an email when the ticket is opened, the ticket will remain in the customer's panel forever and can be referenced in the future.

€29.00 EUR/Year




# Include Update & Support


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Flexible Criteria

Do you want to get feedback on your products, or would you like to send a message to your customers that they might respond to? It does not matter; our plugin helps you with all the scenarios you have in mind.


Advanced Campaign Config

There are many options for campaign settings. For example, you can prevent sending an email after the ticket is opened, or you can schedule the campaign to start automatically at the time you want.

Queueing process

This addon uses a queue in the background to improve the user experience and avoid interruptions in sending.


Do not worry about closing the browser when sending, you can also easily reach your other tasks in long campaigns.



Yes, you can order the owned license including 1 year update & support. To order the license click here.

Ticket campaigns for WHMCS requires the Ioncube loader to be enabled on your host.

Also Ticket campaigns is compatible with WHMCS 8.x and above.

Yes, the addon support TicketOpen and TicketOpenAdmin hooks.

Please contact support regarding this and we will do our best to help you deploy WWK.

No, The addon is not open source.

With each purchase, a license is issued for you.